Virtual Vibrant Thinking Transformation

If you struggle with time and/or need hands on help to implement the program we are able to support this.

Book a  60 minute consultation call to find out more.

Hybrid Team Done-For-You Strategy & Implementation  


·        1 Hour kick off strategy call
·        Productivity definition and success criteria created for your team/organisation
·        Benchmarks, baselines and success trackers customised for your hybrid team.
·        30 minute 1:1 with each team member to understand reality from the ground up
·        In depth mapping of team members and team effectiveness with regard to hybrid working.
·        Strategy document outlining the shifts that need to be made in working styles and team organisation to achieve success criteria.     This document may also include recommended interventions in the culture, dynamics and communication of the team. 


·        1 hour scoping call to agree the interventions from the strategy which are to be implemented
·        Detailed plan for each agreed area of intervention, including timelines and success criteria for each section of the plan
·        Implementation of plans
·        Bi-weekly calls to trouble shoot issues as they arise