The importance of creating productive, inclusive and rewarding working environment for your team has never been so high. Teams have been working remotely for several months and its likely that the office landscape will change for good as employees request remote working permanently and employers look to reduce office space.

Hybrid teams are set to be the new norm for offices with part of the team working remotely and others returning to the office.
There are huge benefits to a hybrid teams including improved productivity, motivation and retention of
employees. However there are greater challenges facing these teams not least the potential for a destructive ‘Them and Us’ culture creeping in.

Ensuring your team thrives will require much more intentional work on the team culture and ways of communicating than previously.

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Hybrid Teams

How do you ensure that everyone still feels part of the same team? When everyone is co-located or everyone is remote working you all share the same experience. With hybrid teams the experience of those in the office is different to those working remotely. How can you create that shared identity and understanding with different experiences.     

Top tips for hybrid teams.

What attributes do thriving teams share?

  • Excellent communication
  • Ownership
  • Supportive and supporting
  • Understanding each other’s strengths
  • Have fun.

15 ideas on how to cultivate these in your team.

Finding the time

In this day and age time finding the time to add extra work into a schedule is challenging.   Our approach to team building is that it should be incorporated into what you do already not added on top.

Top Tips on incorporating team building into every day work.